[3/3] For Our Future: This Week's Education News & More

Hi All!*

I'm trying out a weekly post titled "5-Bullet Friday", a list of education news and what I'm working on, reading, listening to, debating or wondering. Most, but not all, posts will relate to local, national and global education. (This is loosely based on the blog of all-everything guru, Tim Ferris.)

  1. LOCAL: An ill-conceived house bill (HB46) to halt approval of new charter schools in New Mexico for 2.5 years failed on a tie 34-34 vote in the House last night. Instead of eliminating this option for parents and communities we need solutions to address authorization and charter revocation for poorly performing schools. [New Mexico Political Report]
  2. LOCAL: The New Mexico PED has released our long-awaited draft state plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act, the overarching Federal education law aimed at moving decision-making power back to states. I haven't had a chance to dig in yet, but will do so this weekend with an eye towards equity and outcomes for our kids. 
  3. WATCH: Have you wondered "Are Charter Schools Overrated?" If so, I have just the thing for you from Intelligence Squared. I can't recommend the series with any more enthusiasm. Using the Oxford-style debate format with two experts taking on a timely proposition. Each side builds arguments to sway a live audience who then vote to decide the "winner".
  4. READ: Lost in the debate on "Proficiency v. Growth" is optimism about what is possible. And, therefore, what works best for both students and teachers. In as little education wonk speak as possible, FutureEd explores the future of education evaluation.
  5. READ: I've long recited the quotation, "All models are broken; some are useful." As such, "Mental Models I Find Repeatedly Useful" immediately caught my eye. Gabriel Weinberg shares some well-known and more obscure mental models, breaking them into categories spanning "Brainstorming" to "Deciding."

As always, send me your thoughts, comments and requests via email or Twitter. Have something you want me to cover? A scathing criticism of my attempts at wit? Something I've missed? Let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend all.

*3/14: the title of this post has been updated to reflect the change in title of the weekly series