Despite Knowing Strong Opposition APS Charged Ahead

Despite knowing Albuquerque residents were unlikely to approve of a recently proposed property tax increase, Albuquerque Public Schools went ahead and spent over $1 million on a special, mail-in election which was soundly rejected.

In reporting by the Albuquerque Journal, according to its own commissioned polling in November of 2018, APS was well aware tax payers were wary of a tax increase. Oddly enough, at least two APS board members state on the record they were unaware of the poll until the Journal reached out.

I have no idea how some board members were aware of the poll, while others weren’t, though this fits the pattern of board president Peercy and his closest allies Barb Petersen and Lorenzo Garcia having the nasty habit of icing out other board members from crucial information.

The poll also found that the mill levy renewal alone was better received, with 41 percent of people saying they’d strongly vote yes and 24 percent noting they supported it somewhat. Yet, APS pressed ahead with a tax increase.

APS “Capital Master Plan Executive Director” Kizito Wijenje (who makes $111,467.11/year plus benefits) shares, “The poll does not play into the decision as to whether or not we are going to have an election .” If the results don’t impact any decision making, why pay for the poll to begin with?

Mind you, this is the same person who insulted voters with the audacity to tell Joe Monahan, “When given the chance to truly make a committed difference, we choose to blind ourselves to facts and instead listen to armchair pundits and faux think tanks.”

I can’t imagine a better example of being blinded to facts than APS ignoring its own polling, hiding it from board members, and then being overwhelmingly rejected by voters.

C. Cunningham // Albuquerque Journal