How to Buy A House in Santa Fe

When you look closely at the fourteen member House Education Committee in the Roundhouse, something peculiar stands out.

No, it’s not that 10 of the members are Democrats. That’s determined from the composition of the House. (I’m a Democrat, this should make me happy.)

And no, it’s not that all 10 Ds voted to institute a three-year stop to any new public charter schools in New Mexico. They’ve been pushing that for years.

Finally, it’s not that the Albuquerque Teachers Federation and the National Educators Association contribute heavily to the 10 Ds. That’s to be expected; New Mexico’s two big teachers’ unions (representing roughly 60% of NM educators by my generous estimate) support Ds almost exclusively.

Rather, it’s that half of the Ds are currently on the payroll of Albuquerque Public Schools. Yes, the APS that will halt fixing schools despite having more than 30 staffers making over $100,000/year, plus benefits. Not to mention a superintendent making more than the governor and mayor of Albuquerque, combined.

People say real estate in Santa Fe is exorbitant. I’m not so sure. For just under $300,000 one can purchase a well furnished room in the most envied House in The Land of Enchantment. Not too shabby.