In Midst of Central Office Raises, APS Can't Cool Schools

Finding money to pay themselves has never been an issue for APS central office administrators. Just this summer Superintendent Reedy received yet another raise, this one for just under $30k. Applying that same 11 percent raise to the 30 highest paid APS officials results in $403,902 in newfound salary for a district losing students and mired in underperformance.

Yet, despite their magical ability to generate higher City Center salaries on demand, these same officials can’t ensure classrooms are cooler than hot Albuquerque summers. This week teachers and students will walk into schools with temperatures approaching triple digits.

One might assume, if only for the optics, the district would ensure working air conditioning in every school before giving themselves nearly half a million dollars in raises. Alas, this is City Center where up is down and district officials complain on one hand while using the other to line their pockets. Unsurprisingly, the district has been doing this for decades.

Perhaps Reedy needs nearly $300k/year to help pay the Albuquerque Academy tuition for her daughter, that place gets pricey. At the very least, City Center brass should use their six digit salaries to buy A/C units for every classroom above 80 degrees as school goes back into session this week.