New Mexico Teachers Speak Truth to Power

Not often are teachers given a platform to speak their minds about what’s working or not in education. Fearing reprise from administration or union leadership, teachers I speak with are hesitant to speak their truths in the public square.

Thankfully, there are cracks showing in the wall of silence tacitly enforced throughout public education in New Mexico. Two weeks ago, Mary Ellen Dannenberg, a teacher in Santa Fe, put out a call for common sense from Michelle Lujan Grisham and Steve Pearce.

Then, just yesterday, Albuquerque native and career educator Julia Burrola (recently featured here), forcefully makes the case for more truth-telling in education. Both are can’t miss views from passionate, dedicated educators.

A goal of this site has been to provide direct and diverse viewpoints from some of New Mexico’s most dedicated educators. Let’s hope this trend continues to rise.