Sonny Sapien Brings the First Coffee Break of 2019

I would advise parents to always remember that they are their child’s first and most important teacher. And even when their children head off to school, the learning that they do together will never stop. This is a significantly important concept to remember because parents are the support system that students need to teach them right from wrong, to teach them that character matters, and to teach them that striving for academic success is the necessary blueprint for making a remarkable life for themselves.

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Special Educator Shari Hicks Settles the Green Chile Debate Once and for All

I want students with special needs to know that their disability doesn't define them. I want them to know that they are special because of their talents, not because of their disability. Students with disabilities need to know that their academic weaknesses are also their super powers. Many students possess problem-solving skills they have developed because of their academic challenges.

I want families to know that their children are amazing blessings who I feel honored to teach and learn from. I enjoy seeing the light go on when they understand a concept. The best feeling I get is when, on their own, my students dig deeper into a lesson and discover something that even I didn’t know before.

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Coffee Break with 2019 Golden Apple Winner Brittany Behenna Griffith

The best teachers share great ideas with each other and tweak those ideas to meet the individual needs of their students. My partner teacher has great ideas and is constantly inspiring me with her creativity, making me think and causing me to raise the bar for my students. I wouldn’t be a Golden Apple teacher if it weren’t for strong collaboration with my peers and a vision for excellence instilled by my school administrator.

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